Output shizzles

  • Creation of pitch documents
  • Initial design concepts
  • Creation of style-tiles
  • Wireframing and fast prototyping
  • Creation of pattern libraries (atomic design systems)
  • Production of accurate responsive design templates 
  • Producing style guides for developers
  • Creation of brand guides
  • Comfortable working in deadline driven environments
  • Development of supporting brand collateral
  • A working knowledge of UX design principles

Avoiding clichés like the plague

Iain Campbell is a Scottish digital designer based in the North East of England who has a passion for digital, branding and editorial design. He has over six years experience working within digital, branding and editorial design for agencies and clients in the UK and Australia.

Outside of design Iain’s world revolves around his totally amazing wife, road bikes, music, photography, and knocking back flat whites whilst reading trashy novels.