Gas Network

Responsive, accessible website for UK gas network enabling users to self-serve


SGN, a UK based natural gas distributor, approached Orange Bus to redesign their online presence. Thereafter followed a period of extensive user research and workshops with existing SGN users. We designed and developed a new user focused, responsive, AA accessible site based on our UX findings. This site was designed around atomic design principles and features an extensive pattern library and style guide to aid development.

My role in the project was lead visual designer. Working alongside my colleagues in UX and UR we ran workshops across Scotland and Southern England to acetain user needs. Thereafter we ran co-design sessions with key stakeholders and then tested these designs with users. Whilst I had to adhere to the SGN brand guidelines these did not adequately cover online/ screen use. Therefore there was room for maneuver to achieve a more modern aesthetic and one that would achieve AA accessibility.

Client: SGN

Agency: Orange Bus

Role: Senior Creative Designer

Year: 2018


Use of photography

The goal was to use stock imagery that did not look like stock imagery. Working with SGN marketing team in a branding workshop I demonstrated how to search for more effective, natural images. Images that would reflect the Mission, Vision and Values of SGN. Showing a more diverse and homely tone that users could relate to, rather than people in hardhats digging up roads.