ID.3 Connect

App design for VW ID.3 electric vehicle to enable the user to self-serve whilst reducing load on VW call centres.


Orange Bus along with Capita Customer Management conducted a workshop to improve Volkswagen Group’s customer service for their new, all electric, VW ID.3 vehicle. The design focused on two user journeys; First, the ability for the vehicle to diagnose its own faults and relay them to the app along with advice for the user on how to deal with the fault. Secondly the user being notified that their annual service was due and making a subsequent appointment for a service via the app.

The primary goal during this project was to reduce inbound call centre activity whilst enabling users to self serve in dealing with issues. In addition users could also utilise the app in locating charging stations (both green electricity and fossil fuel electricity) and promote use of electrical vehicles and car sharing via the Feature Awards scheme. This Feature Awards would award points to users to be spent on car related accessories, experiences and VW after sales services.

My task was to design the look and feel of the App based on whiteboard wireframes produced by UX designer Anthony Elstob during the workshop. The App’s styling was based on existing marketing collateral for the VW ID.3 vehicle (namely colour palette, gradients and typography) whilst focusing on best industry practices. I designed screens for the two user journeys along with additional screens showing locations of charging stations and user profiles with regards to the Feature Awards scheme. Finally an Invision iPhone prototype was created to demonstrate the refined user journeys to key stakeholders at VW UK and Germany.

Client: Volkswagen

Agency: Orange Bus

Role: Senior Creative Designer

Year: 2019


Diagnostic journey


The user is notified of issues with the car, specifically battery issues.


The users is requested to upload remote diagnostic data to a VW service centre.


Video chat with VW service centre to guide the user is fixing the fault themselves or arranging VW to attend at the vehicle.


Service booking journey


The user is given details of the vehicle service that is due.


The user is given details of their upgraded VW courtesy car.


The user is given confirmation of their appointment details and a reference code.