Pathway is a dedicated employee appraisal tool that helps companies develop their employees’ skills. Pathway enables HR departments to understand the skills profile of a company’s workforce, identifying skills gaps at an individual, departmental and organisational level and then planning, executing and reviewing training and support to improve employee skills.

Pathway hero marque grey@2xPathway hero marque grey@2x

The brand identity for Pathway consists of two main elements; the motif and the typography. The motif is an abstract rendering of a mountain range with a pass between two peaks. This is a metaphor for the challenge facing individuals and teams within the workplace. The pass between the peaks (or Pathway) shows an easy route to reach your goal (the top of the peak).

As a secondary graphical message the abstract peaks represent an arrow pointing to top right, a positive message of forwards and upwards movement. In contrast to the blocky, bold shapes of the peaks the typography is rendered in a lightweight face (Kessel 105 Book) which represents strength through engineering/ learning and a lightweight high spec product. 

The typography for the Pathway marque is rendered in a modified version of uppercase Kessel 105 Book; Uppercase A characters have been replaced with inverted V characters (thus removing the crossbar of the A for a cleaner, uncluttered look). This spartan styling represents strength through engineering/ learning and a lightweight high spec product. 

Grey stripped area indicates safe zone. Other graphical and visual elements can be safely positioned up to the adjoining magenta area.

Magenta indicates clear space. The magenta area must be kept free of all other graphical and visual elements.

The minimum required clear space is defined by the measurement ‘y’ (equal to the height of the uppercase letters, known as the ‘cap-height’.

Pathway is rendered in fresh blue PMS 2170C. This represents the clarity of the sky above the peaks that the user has conquered. Secondary colour is PMS 447C and is to be utilised as a dark alternative to fresh blue.